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IT Days

5th - 6th of December
2013, Cluj-Napoca

Cluj IT Days: Innovation, entrepreneurship and technologies
Location: Cluj Arena, 5-6 December, Cluj-Napoca

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Tine Thygesen Everplaces Eduardo Mendez Polo Telefonica Spain Voicu Oprean CEO AROBS Serban Țîr Gemini Foundry Mirel Borodi multifinantare.ro Oana Călugăr TechAngels Adina Grigoroiu Colors in projects Vlad Maniac EBS Romania Attila Antal ISDC Bogdan Nastasa Endava Maria Diaconu Mozaic Works Dan Ionescu Danis Alexandru Margarit Gemini Solutions Radu Vunvulea iQuest Radu Popescu Small Footprint Victor Ionescu msg systems Tudor Cioara UTCN Lucian Brăescu Accesa Alexandru Căbuz researchforindustry.ro Mircea Vadan www.mirceavadan.ro

Tine Thygesen

Tine Thygesen is a serial tech entrepreneur. Since starting out as a traditional London banker with no IT skills whatsoever 10 years ago, she's started three internet companies and been the CEO of a further two. Today she's the CEO of mobile travel service Everplaces and on the board of several startup organizations and innovation hubs.

Tine Thygesen has been on a journey of building internet businesses for 10 years, her latest product, Everplaces, has raised two rounds and is used in 95 countries. Today she will share with us her best tips for getting an idea off the ground, getting traction and hitting the big markets.

Diwaker Singh

Diwaker Singh is an entrepreneur, investor and executive with over 35 years of international business experience. His career includes seven start-ups and six first mobile telephony network and cargo airline in India, the first 3G telephony company in Europe the first luxury eco-resort in Eastern Europe.

More recently, he has been involved in ecommerce, internet and software as a partner in the Gecad Group. Singh advises a number of technology companies as from start-ups to late stage business's and mentors young entrepreneurs.

Eduardo Mendez Polo

Eduardo Menez has been working for Telefonica Spain since 1998, where he has deployed a variety of activities related to infrastructure and services management. Since the very early wap and sms services to the most recent video and social networking ones. Servicing both local and global customers.

He has built and managed a diversity of technology scenarios from the proprietary dedicated servers through utility computing to the present cloud environments. He was assigned in June 2012 to the internal IT department with the mission of implementing these best practices intensively across the entire IT infrastructure.

Radu Georgescu

Radu Georgescu is one of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe. He founded his first company in 1992 and then went on to lead the creation of RAV Antivirus, a security technology that was acquired by Microsoft in 2003 and today forms the backbone of the company's internet security systems.

His second business, GECAD ePayment, is Romania's leading ecommerce service provider. Radu Georgescu also plays an active role in promoting technology ventures in Romania and was the President of the Romanian Software Association.

Attila Antal

Hello, I'm Attila Antal, my profession is that of a Software Architect. I've been working in the IT domain since 1996. I was lucky to experiment different areas of the profession, from infrastructure to code (especially Java).

I am that kind of person who is very curious and breaks into pieces anything that he cannot understand. When I was a child I used to dismember (and then put back together) my toy-cars, once I even added an engine and batteries to improve one of them. I cannot rest until I understand how something functions and I try to find out how I can make it work better. Because of this behavior, among my my hobbies there is interior design and gardening.

Dan Ionescu

Dan Ionescu is an entrepreneur from Cluj-Napoca, with quite a mixed professional experience. He worked as an Electronics Engineer, for 10 years, in a research institute for IT&C. Then, he switched to management consultancy with DANIS Consulting, focusing his work mainly on the leadership process.

What happens when a technical skillful person becomes a manager? The new demands for the new manager are too often not properly answered... and this becomes a habit for many large IT companies. How do the IT companies’ HR Department respond to this challenge?

Adina Grigoroiu

Although at the beginning of her project management career, in the last years Adina has been involved in several types of projects. She provides support in planning, preparing, and sustaining training and consulting activities within Colors In Projects and she is also Executive Secretary of PMI Romania Chapter (2013-2014). She truly believes that everything can be overcome with a positive attitude and she thinks that every day is a beautiful day.

Victor Ionescu

Victor Ionescu was born in Medias, Sibiu. He holds a MSc degree in Computer Science and has recently enrolled for a PhD at the Computer Science Department of the Technical University Cluj-Napoca. Victor has had his first encounter with the SAP world about 3.5 years ago when, after a brief experience in the software industry as a Java developer, he decided to try out this domain, which at that time was completely unknown to him. Ever since, he has been involved in several SAP development projects, mostly in the Insurance line of business, taking on a wide range of tasks covering the entire software development lifecycle, from customer consulting and functional product specification, through to technical design and implementation.

Marius Danciu

I've been in software industry for 11+ years working in various fields from data synchronization to parallel and distributed predictive analytics software @ IBM SPSS. My interest in functional programming started in 2006-2007 where I started learning and coding in Scala. I've been invited by David Pollak (the LiftWeb creator) to become a member of LiftWeb team where I was active for about two years focusing mostly on the core framework aspects. In that period I co-authored "The definitive guide to Lift" book.

Nowadays I'm focusing on my day to day job and promoting Scala language in various groups. I also started a different purely stateless web framework in Scala called Shift.

Radu Popescu

Radu Popescu is an IT generalist with an experience of over 7 years in the IT sector from Cluj-Napoca. In his career he worked on numerous projects ranging from AAA games to software products or online startups.

In the last few years he started specializing in SEO & SEM and sharing his knowledge in various articles from Today Software Magazine and also on conferences and workshops. Currently he is working at Small Footprint as a web designer and SEO consultant, helping clients to achieve their online goals.

Radu Vunvulea

Radu Vunvulea is a senior software engineer at iQuest, working on LoB application using Microsoft technologies. He has a vast experience on different platforms from mobile and web to backend solution deployed on on-premise and in the cloud.

He worked on different fields such as e-commerce, pharma, automoto, logistics, home automation and transportation. He is very active at offline events in Romania, where he is not only a speaker, but he is also an organizer. In the online world he writes technical posts on his blog.

Alexandru Căbuz

Alexandru Căbuz is a US and French-educated physicist who has worked, at various moments, in almost every area of the innovation ecosystem, in Romania, and abroad: a corporate research lab in the US, public research labs in France, an NGO of Romanian scientists, a government (research) ministry, and even a web startup.

He currently leads the researchforindustry.ro program, a collaboration between the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology (a Cluj-Napoca based private research institute) and the Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne, with the objective of supporting and strengthening links between academia and industry in Romania. In an effort to integrate a fragmented ecosystem, researchforindustry.ro aims to become a one-stop-shop for exploring the Romanian high-tech ecosystem: academia, startups, multinationals, investors, key executives, etc.

Bogdan Nastasa

No description

Șerban Țîr

Șerban Țîr has a 14 years experience working with Sillicon Valey based companies. During this period he played different roles within the software projects he was involved in, starting with software developer to Vice President of Engineering. The experience includes business relationships with small start-ups as well as very large public companies. Currently he is CTO at Gemini Solutions group of companies.

He understood the real value of high-tech innovation, and he is one of the initiators of the GeminiFoundry initiative, a "flexible accelerator" which promotes Romanian high-tech start-ups to the American market.

Mirel Borodi

With 15 years experience in providing support services for companies, starting with securities brokerage, post trading services, consultancy, investor relations, continuing with direct financing and the newest trend: crowdfunding, my costumers recommend me as an expert in my activity area.

As entrepreneur, by launching the first independent shareholder registry from Transylvania, introducing the investor relations concept in Romania, I have continued by establishing the Transylvanian Consulting Trust and currently, by getting involved in the development of the crowdfunding (creating the first crowdfunding platform in Romania, www.multifinantare.ro, as an alternative for projects financing) I would like to contribute to the development of the national business ecosystem.

Tudor Cioara

Dr. Tudor Cioara, este un membru activ al Laboaratorului de Cercetare in Sisteme Distribuite (http://dsrl.coned.utcluj.ro) parte a Universitatii Tehnice din Cluj-Napoca. In 2012 a obtinut titlul de doctor in Stiinta Calculatoarelor cu teza “Context aware adaptive systems with applicability in green service centres”. Domeniile de cercetare in care isi desfasoara activitatea se refera la Context Awareness, Autonomic Computing, Green IT, Artificial Intelligence, in ultimii 5 ani publicand peste 30 de lucrari in conferinte internationale si jurnale.

Voicu Oprean

Voicu Oprean is an entrepreneur focused on developing and distributing web, mobile, embedded, and cloud software solutions, with extensive experience in outsourcing for the travel and hospitality industry. He started AROBS Transilvania Software in June 1998, with the main goal to promote Romanian IT software specialists and their ability to work from Romania and thus offer them good career opportunities in Romania. AROBS Transilvania Software currently employs over 330 specialists; the company has operational offices in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Iasi, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Chisinau, Helsiki, and New York.

Maria Diaconu

Passionate about the software world and entrepreneurship, Maria's focus is on supporting teams in the two areas on their way to delivering high quality results and maximizing business value. From Software Developer to Agile Lean Practitioner & Coach, and later on, entrepreneur, Maria is supporting quality software, software craftsmanship and people passionate about their craft.

Oana Călugăr

No description

Lucian Brăescu

He is a very passionate developer inclined towards design and development of desktop/web applications using .NET framework, with an interest in BI field and AI field, with good communication skills and ability to work under stress. He’s eager to learn new technologies and skills as he is hard working, perfectionist and loves a challenge.

Alex Margarit

Classic web developer with 9 years experience in web applications involving e-commerce, gaming, API, social networking and real-time web. In the past few years, his work involved bringing operational efficiency to companies by planning, implementing and managing infrastructure in order to optimise the productivity and the costs.

Vlad Maniac

Test Engineering Architect for EBS - an NTT Data Company with technical focus on automation engineering for web apps, mobile solutions and recently driving quality for ERP solutions in the context of Big Data and Huge Business Logic Solutions. Passion for the Open Source, raised with Javascript and Browsers with love for loading times under 1s, UX and security assets - Nice to meet you all!

Vlad Maniac

Mircea is a startup founder and co-organiser of Open Coffee meetups in Cluj-Napoca. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and education. In the past, he was involved in many community volunteering projects, but now he is focused on startups (more on www.mirceavadan.ro).