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AI and humans symbiosis in banking

Adela Mureșan - Head of Artificial Intelligence @ Banca Transilvania

Live from Europa room

10th November, 11:30-12:00

The banking industry is a regulatory compliance realm so how does an AI project fit into it? Let’s have a look at the impact that AI is having on financial services, the adoption and the opportunity it entails. Regarding the relationship between AI, the employees and the customers, we could probably speak about a mutually beneficial relationship between those parties . Is it a symbiosis between humans and machines?

Adela Mureșan

Banca Transilvania

Adela is an optimistic and determined person, passionate about BigData and Machine Learning. For the past years, she has been involved on several Artificial Intelligence and BigData projects and she continues to do so in her day to day work. She is an open-minded person that likes to explore different technologies and to find the best solutions to reach the goal, thinking inside or outside the box.