AI and radiology. A health check.

Ioana Negruț - Medical A.I. Technical Lead @ NTT DATA Romania

Live from Europa room

10th November, 10:30-11:00

The rampant development of machine learning and deep neural networks in particular, led to powerful statements from the research community, letting professionals from different fields wondering who will be the next to be replaced by artificial intelligence. Should we really “stop training radiologists” and start training deep neural networks instead?

Ioana Negruț

NTT DATA Romania

Every day at work is a new chance to contribute to a better medical experience for every patient. It is gratifying to put machine learning and AI to good use, for helping people, improve the diagnosis in medicine and support doctors in the decision making process.
With this big picture in mind, R&D feels like a marathon, a place of planning and action, of trial and error, of constant exploration and logging, of frustrations and challenges, of pain and suffering for a moment’s glory. It is most of the times a team’s effort and it is beautiful when we all grow together.
At NTT DATA Romania, she worked on topics such as organ detection, kidney abnormality detection and offers technical support on various healthcare related projects.