Analytics driven security: from logs monitoring to explainable AI

Septimiu Nechifor - Head of Reseach Group @ Siemens

Live remote

10th November, 15:15-15:45

Security and privacy represents the cornerstone of adoption of complex industry-grade Cyber Physical Systems. Distributed sensing, learning and execution raise difficult to measure challenges to engineers working to provide trusted and safe systems. Presentation will investigate a a number of techniques with various degrees of complexity involved in the hardening of such heterogenous spaces.
Key objective is to encourage the reader to avoid the search of golden bullets and rather think for an evolving solution stack, AI powered.

Septimiu Nechifor


Septimiu spent his more than 22 years of professional life on a large variety of projects and assignments.
Since 10 years his job is connected to applied research space, experimenting new things like ubiquitous computing, internet of things, analytics and various fields of artificial intelligence.
He is a keen seeker and builder of valuable solutions and proficient teams. His deep believe is that real difference is made by teams where trust and share rule the common space.
His current interests stays with autonomic networking, analytics driven security and explainable AI. In addition he is an avid consumer of history and good stories and consider that we are born to be happy and to bring happiness.
In this regard technology is just a part of our way to build our own contribution to mankind and is valuable only if we augment it with our humanistic views.