Automation, robots and Artificial Intelligence, between Skynet and Aurora

Valentin Deac - Head of the Delivery @ NTT Data Romania

Live from Studio room

10th November, 11:30-12:30

The science-fiction genre abounds in mentions about robots and artificial intelligence but a great divide has grown between the writers as to the way they will impact us: as destroyers or caretakers. Similarly, the great scientific minds and technology gurus of our times place themselves in one of the two camps when it comes to these topics. However, regardless of the side we take, there seems to exist a certain agreement about the fact that it is hard to think about the future of mankind without them. Setting the future aside, AI and automation are already here for a while and are involved in almost all domains, many of them considered exclusively the prerogative of the people 20 years ago, at the turn of the century.

Do you consider yourself a big fan of SF literature and movies, interested in seeing how amazing today can be and how the future is built in front of your eyes? Are you a software developer, support or business consultant, tester, devops engineer or other IT professional who wants to keep up to date with the trends and get some practical ideas on how to improve your work efficiency? Do you have a company and want to see how automation and Artificial Intelligence can help you grow your business? This presentation has a little bit for everyone.

After setting the stage with some major themes from the SF literature and movies, the speaker draws on his wide experience in the IT domain and his findings while working in Romania and abroad to dive into the present and describe how topics like Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), low-code / no-code development platforms and more impact directly our personal and professional life these days. Centered around concrete examples and providing advices in an entertaining and practical way, the presentation is expected to be an eye-opener no matter if you are a newbie or a professional.

Valentin Deac

NTT Data Romania

Valentin Deac is a highly motivated and dynamic professional with 24 years in the IT&C industry, out of which 19 years in various management or director positions in multinationals, and 6 years of academic level teaching experience.

Valentin worked for Nokia for 16 years, his last position in Romania being Executive Director of Nokia Romania until the end of 2010. Between January 2011 and January 2019, he worked in Berlin (Germany) on various senior Technical Director positions at Nokia and later at HERE Technologies (independent company resulting from the divestment of Nokia Maps), running Delivery and PMO groups and being in charge with the operations, hosting and support of the majority of the HERE services on global level.

Upon his return to Cluj-Napoca, Valentin has joined NTT Data Romania, part of NTT Group, one of the top 10 System Integrators worldwide, providing services for more than 80% of Fortune Global 100, as Head of the Delivery. In his role, Valentin is responsible for defining and implementing the strategy, solutions and supporting processes to deliver the IT enablement of the company.

Valentin is a passionate public speaker and has been invited in the last 13 years as key presenter to several conferences and events in Romania and abroad.