DevOps Architecture

Building infrastructure with an engineering mindset

Máté Lang - Startupper geek, Java architect, DevOps enthusiast @ Connatix

Live from Conference Hall

11th November, 15:00-15:30

Nowadays we are managing very complex distributed systems running in the cloud. The DevOps culture has emerged in recent years and is still very young. This talk is presenting a handful of ideas and strategies that have proven themselves useful in the software engineering context and planting them in the fresh soil of cloud Infrastructure, while taking a sneak peek at some concrete implementation examples using Terraform, AWS, Kubernetes & Helm.

Máté Lang


Extrovert geek & software ninja reporting to duty.
I am in love with the distributed systems, cloud computing, the Java ecosystem, Open Source Software and Linux. In the past years I've been designing and architecting cloud first, scalable, maintainable services and shipping them to the cloud, mostly from scratch.

I like to actively participate in shaping a product from its inception and assembling not just the code, but successful engineering teams. If I'd take off my headphones you'd most likely hear some non-screamy metal and I am also an entry level drummer.