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Content Management - pitfalls & reuse practices

Melania Duma - Technical Writer @ SDL Plc

Sonia Pavlenko - Technical Writer @

Live from Room 32

10th November, 13:30-14:00

Most software products are accompanied by documentation for their users. In order to write the best documentation possible, technical writers are helped in managing the content they write by a specific category of tools. Content Management can be implemented with the help of specialized CMS tools in terms of infrastructure. However, CMS tools cannot tell you how to organize your content, how to write it, and how and when to reuse it. This presentation focuses on explaining the use of CMS tools and the logical principles which drive effective content reuse. If not properly managed and curated, content reuse can backfire even if you use a state-of-the-art CMS tool.

Melania Duma


Technical Writer at SDL plc, Linguist and Cambridge Examiner. She is interested in helping development teams get their message across users and stakeholders in a clear, simplified manner. For the past 8 years, she has been working with CMS systems, XML editors, DITA. She holds the tekom Expert Technical Writing certificate.

Sonia Pavlenko

Technical Writer, teacher and Cambridge Examiner. She is interested in continuously developing her skills & knowledge in the field of technical writing and learning how to make best use of CMS systems.