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Datawarehouse Orchestration

Ioan Cioflică - Principal Data Software Engineer @ Betfair Romania Development

Live from Room 32

11th November, 12:00-12:30

“Often in a Datawarehouse environment the data processing needs to run in an ordered manner. The jobs depend on the successful completion of the previous jobs, so a simple scheduling tool is usually not enough.

In this session, I'll go through how we extended Apache Airflow into an orchestration tool, based on the dependencies between our processes.”

Ioan Cioflică

Betfair Romania Development

I'm working with data since high school, from floppy disks to Cloud, providing the optimal solutions for many kinds of business problems. My passion for IT took me on a fascinating journey discovering bits and pieces of many technologies and sharing the know-how with the people.

Currently I work at Paddy Power Betfair as a Principal Data Engineer focusing in the recent period on Airflow, scheduling and orchestration of processes.