Empire of the Ants: An analysis of intelligence augmentation through edge computing lenses

Radu Orghidan - VP Cognitive Computing @ Endava

Live from Europa room

10th November, 11:00-11:30

"In the few seconds necessary for you to read these four lines: 40 humans and 700 million ants are being born on Earth, 30 humans and 500 million ants are dying on Earth.”* In approximately the same time, on the Internet, 188 millions of emails are sent and Google processes 3.8 million search queries every minute from different equipments ...

Given the continuously increasing number of existing devices able to compute data on the edge, cognitive computing redefines AI as Augmented Intelligence. The complexity, the relationships and interactions among intelligent modules lead to systems in which the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. We are part of a giant anthill in which we develop AI solutions that have to deal with human and natural systems involving fuzzy relationships between cause and effect. Still, both providers and consumers of AI systems focus quite often on just a small piece of the whole following a set of best practices that do not necessarily apply to a wider context. Just like ants can’t easily grasp concepts such as human cities or automobile wheels but compensate and survive through cooperation, our narrow AIs are also missing the larger picture but are growing their connections and become increasingly successful.
During this talk, we will look at several examples with the aim of analysing the most common pitfalls of AI projects. I will show how we deal with these issues and a subsequent set of recommendations for successful data science initiatives.

* Empire of the Ants, Bernard Werber

Radu Orghidan


I’m passionate about understanding the inner mechanisms of innovation, especially when it involves machine learning and computer vision. I work in cross-functional teams to achieve ambitious objectives for our clients. We use data acquired from different sensors such as depth sensing cameras, mobile robots or microphones to create systems that enhance a users’ abilities to understand and interact with the environment… or sometimes to create 3D scans of my two kids. I also love running outdoors, motorcycling, skiing or eating seafood while sharing a good bottle of wine.