Industry 4.0

Industrial Shop-floors in an office environment

Marinel Moraru - Digital Technology Developer Associate Manager @ Accenture

Live from Studio room

11th November, 15:00-15:30

Even before the global pandemic context, the switch from OT to IT had its own challenges.

Working in an office environment in software development has its advantages. Nevertheless, it will require some new tools to overcome the gap with the shop-floor regarding industrial applications testing.

We will have a glimpse on testing and deploying an application for industrial environments using Virtual and Augmented Reality tools. We will see why gaming engines are the solution for industrial simulations and what can they offer.

Marinel Moraru


Started as a passionate Ham radio amateur and electronics enthusiast, an experience that laid the foundation for the following 15 years of Industrial automation projects involving PLC and SCADA development. At Accenture he provides solutions for industrial controls and networks, bridging the gap between OT and IT.

Marinel believes that we are living in a time of extreme technological shifts and that the organizations and individuals that will stand to win in this field, are the ones that will start experimenting with 21st century technologies now rather than later.