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Quality Management and Optimized Material Supply in manufacturing DEMO

Andra Hegedus - Digital Tech Developer Sr Analyst @ Accenture

Live from Room 32

10th November, 14:00-14:30

Inspired by our success stories with various customers, we created a demo & accelerator to showcase how some of the typical challenges of our customers can be addressed by defining rigorous business processes and a digitalized and fully integrated shop-floor.
By leveraging Manufacturing X.0 digital enablers as: Connected Worker, Shop Floor Control Tower, Digital Quality and Digital Inventory Management we can address the mentioned client challenges and improve critical KPIs as: Average First Pass Yield, Cost of scrap and rework orders as a % of revenue, Human resource cost for manual sampling and other quality actions requirements as % of operating cost, Cost associated with downtime as % of revenue.

Andra Hegedus


Technology Consultant in the MES, Industrial IT and Industry 4.0 area. With focus on strategy, requirements gathering, architecture, software selection and implementation. With experience in a set of verticals as Food & Beverages, Chemical and Medical Devices.