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Setting-up Quality Assurance Processes for Software Development using Scrum

Monica Chiș - Freelancer Software IT Consultant and Trainer @

Live from Room 32

11th November, 12:30-13:00

AGILE software development is considered to be a practice to establish an approach that promotes flexibility, speed, and collaborative effort. SCRUM is a framework that helps software development teams’ work together.
Quality Assurance becomes an integral component of the software development process to bring validation and ensure stability for the application. Quality Assurance (QA) is a set of practices which collectively ensure that standards of quality are met (technical standards) and specified requirements are delivered (customer or user needs or expectations). Quality assurance does not mean software testing; this is one element of a quality assurance process. With AGILE development, both testers and developers need to work together and also the roles may well be interchangeable. It is really important that the requirements are clear and the team is well informed. Testing should be a continuous activity when the user stories get written. The Scrum Team needs to have a clear understanding of the expected scope of work. Transparency is a very important rule in an AGILE environment.
The agility requires having a continuous testing approach, to define a clear methodology for testing, to be sure who can perform the tests. I would like to discuss an approach of setting-up a plan on how to considered Quality Assurance activities in relation to some of the core Scrum concepts. I would also want to discuss about the Modern Testing Principles (MoT).
Key Points: managing Stories, managing backlog, Definition of Done, organizing deliverables, achieving continuous improvement, performing quality control activities, using lessons learned.

Monica Chiș

Monica is a freelancer Software IT Consultant and Trainer. She has been working in various roles in different areas: IT industry, Research, and University for more than 23 years. She has experience with external audits and with software development quality management, with highlighting the important key points for clear processes.

She was Quality Manager for software projects in Air Traffic Management and telecommunications, Project Manager and Delivery Manager in IT companies. Her experience involves all aspects of a project, product, and software development life cycles. She is a customer-oriented person and she has worked in multi-cultural competitive environments. She likes working with people from different cultural groups. She is enthusiast and passionate about technology and Software Quality Assurance field and she is promoting agile methodology. She really believes that it is possible to create simple processes for delivery Quality Software Products.