The Science of Coaching - based on Newton's Laws

Andreea Pârvu - People Operations Business Partner @ Endava

Live from Studio room

10th November, 14:45-15:15

I recently rediscovered physics and got very interested. I can’t say I liked it in high school. Maybe I had a different focus or maybe, just maybe, I would have been more excited if someone had inspired me more through a different, more passionate approach.
With this thought in mind, and comparing to the experiences with other subjects, I realized the significant gap might have come from the lack of coaching skills that teachers would have needed. So, I developed a theory regarding the connection between Newton's Laws and the coaching science.

My Theory will be a logical explanation of why coaching is essential in growing others, but mostly in developing ourselves. As with every theory, there is a risk of being defeated by the next challenger. I invite you to join the session, challenge the ideas I present, and experiment together with Newton's laws applied in coaching. In the end, I will be able to predict the results of a particular initial condition.

Andreea Pârvu


A “Visionary” who seeks information to generate possibilities and ideas and use flexibility and adaptable thinking in implementing them. Being open-minded and a fast learner, I am enterprising when solving problems. I could say I am a true #PIONEER and an organized and mature #ENTP.

To summarize in a few words my professional experience: inventive and knowledgeable, always curious and seeking to continuously improve the processes, understanding drives me in the direction of a diversity of projects and tasks. More details on: parvuconsultancy.ro