What does matter the most - creation of a strategy or its execution?

Valeria Chiriac - Agile Project Manager @

Live from Conference Hall

10th November, 16:15-16:45

Being in a Leadership position, working with great teams, I was wondering myself - Why brilliant strategies on the paper do not provide expected results? Or more, where is my missing point as a Project Manager, that is happening I encounter situations when teams do not deliver as expected, people have low performance and the impact of the product on the market is pretty much lower as forecasted. Actually, who did not encounter such situations? Indeed, we are working with people, not with robots; we have unknowns which can be anticipated but never be sure; nevertheless the market dynamic - really demanding and in a constant change.

In this presentation I would like to propose an alternative which can reduce the risks or even help you to avoid some critical situations. It is about the concept of 4 disciplines of execution. Authors said that most of the time the problem is not caused by defining the strategy and creating some reports for forecasting, but in execution of the strategy, in steps which are made daily and the way how we treat the results.

If you are asking yourself what I am going to bring through this presentation, besides Agile principles, we are going to discuss the 4 major and essential steps which needs to be done during the implementation of the strategy. The last note, take into consideration that this concept can help you to deliver great strategies for team development, product development or even take your company to the next level.

Valeria Chiriac

Only those who will risk going too far can possible find out how far one can go." As a Scrum Master I had plenty of "opportunities" when the only way to solve a problem was to risk to step ahead. I am not talking about situations related to implementing Agile ceremonies or following organization's processes but working with people and achieve great results. Being passionate about PEOPLE, it was easy to decide that I want to work with them and be there for the team. In the position of a Scrum Master you are able to see all perspectives in the business - client's point of view, higher management's and the team's. It is pretty challenging to gather all the needs and expectations to build a common sense of what success does mean, still it is not impossible. Once you put passion in what you are doing, you can take the risk and believe that there are no impossible things, there are just different perspectives.

Certified Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance;
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