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Working from Home - learning curve Covid-19

Christopher Lederer - Managing Director @ Flow Technologies SRL

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10th November, 12:00-12:30

The effects of WFH on a team in a CoVid-19 environment. For all of us uncertainty is a challenge; down to a very personalized level and fueled by the very own living circumstances. To understand what is “keeping employees thinking about” is especially important in a time where personal interaction is highly limited.
While working from home is mainly a technical response to an external threat its implications are manifold. The situation that home and work are in most cases the same physical environment does have the positive effect to “skip” commute but comes at the price of missing an “act” of “going to work, making it difficult for some to also have a work like attitude while being at home. As management team in Cluj we wanted to understand what are the main points that are influential to personal performance; work live balance and stress-levels.

Christopher Lederer

Flow Technologies SRL

With more than 18 years of experience within the electronic trading domain, Christopher has a proven track record with exchange trading software development and management. He is passionate about organizational structures and processes as well as employee development. He has been leading various international development teams in Germany, Asia Pacific and the Netherlands.