Writing games using Reactive Programming

Andrei Michnea - Senior Architect @ Betfair Romania Development

Live from Europa room

10th November, 15:45-14:45

Each day we try to provide the best user experience to our customers. Modern tools help us to achieve this goal and enable development teams to work faster and more efficiently. In this presentation I will go over use cases of different types of games written using Reactive Programming.

Andrei Michnea

Betfair Romania Development

In IT industry for over 20 years, interested in everything IT related since … forever. I always liked the technical side of things and tried to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. I started a while ago as a full stack developer, then specialized in front-end development. Currently, I work as a software architect for Betfair Romania Development.

In my day to day job I contribute to and design systems that “purr” at thousands of requests per second.