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IT Days

25th - 26th of November 2014

Cluj IT Days: Innovation, entrepreneurship and technologies
Location: Cluj Arena conference hall

Event Poster

November 25

Trends & Leadership Sessions
09:00 Coffee & Registration
09:30 Opening Remarks
Alexandru Tulai
(President of Cluj IT Cluster)
Ovidiu Mățan
(Organizer of IT Days)
09:50 “The Evolution of Outsourcing”, our story
Iulian Iuga (CEO Accesa)
10:10 “The Black Swan” or why bother learning?
Dan Ionescu (Danis Consulting)
10:30 Firefox OS: Breaking down walled gardens
Alex Lakatos (Xoomworks)
10:50 Coffee & Networking Break
11:10 Development of products and outsourcing services whitin the same company
Voicu Oprean (CEO AROBS)
11:30 Engineered to evolve - From IT Service Outsourcing
to Products
Bogdan Herea
11:50 Women in Software: the Edge of Privilege
Diana Ciorba (Codespring)
12:10 Research and Innovation Areas of EIT ICT Labs Budapest
Prof. Zoltán Horváth
(EIT ICT Labs Budapest)
12:30 Lunch break
Technical Sessions
13:30 What to do when innovation meets legacy
Mihai Nadăș (Yonder)
13:50 East meets West: cultural shock. Cultural intelligence in projects Simona Bonghez, PhD
(Colors in projects)
14:10 Java Standard 8, news and improvements
Silviu Dumitrescu (Accesa)
14:30 Hot topics in Java
Performance Tuning
Peter Lawrey
(Higher Frequency Trading)
14:50 Starting up with
Software Architecture
Sergiu Damian
(Software consultant)
15:10 Solving all the problems before
they occur
Tudor Mărghidanu (Yardi)
15:30 Coffee & Networking Break
15:50 Under Big Data Pressure
Silvia Răusanu (ISDC)
16:10 Why functional programming?
Ovidiu Deac (Ullink)
16:30 How can we interactively think the user experience?
Sebastian Big (Betfair)
16:50 A new enterprise user experience with UI5 and SAP Fiori
Victor Ionescu (msg systems)
17:10 Developing Cultural Apps
Ana Soviany (AICC)
Șerban Țîr (CTO Gemini Solutions)
17:25 Invitation to Practice
Alexandru Bolboacă (Mozaic Works)
17:40 Networking & wine

November 26

Startups & Entrepreneurship
09:00 Coffee & Registration
09:30 What I have learnt by becoming an independent consultant
Peter Lawrey
(Higher Frequency Trading)
10:00 Cluj startups ecosystems
Mircea Vădan (clujstartups.com)
10:15 Gemini Foundry
Șerban Țîr
(CTO Gemini Solutions)
10:35 Crowd Sourcing
Mirel Borodi (multifinantare.ro)
10:50 Coffee & Networking Break
11:10 Home Fabrication
conf. Mihai Oltean
(Babeș Bolyai University)
11:30 How Can Tech Companies Invest in Startups
Tudor Bîrlea (Startcelerate)
11:45 Industry 4.0
Victor Spiță (Accenture)
11:55 I have a great idea for business – why isn’t this enough?
Andrei Kelemen (Cluj IT Cluster)
12:15 Local Startup pitches
13:00 Lunch break
Technical Sessions
14:00 Future of Internet Communications
dr. ing. Bogdan Rus
(Technical University of Cluj)
14:15 Permanent communication platform for intelligent public sector
dr. ing. Zsolt Polgar
(Technical University of Cluj)
14:30 Research group presentation for "processing vocal signal"
prof. Mircea Giurgiu
(Technical University of Cluj)
14:45 e-Teaching and Internet Based Learning Platforms
Lecturer eng. Serban-Nicolae MEZA, PhD
(Technical University of Cluj)
15:00 Andreea Pârvu (Endava)
15:15 Commitment vs. Predictions
in Agile projects
Dan Suciu, PhD (3Pillar Global)
15:35 Coffee & Networking Break
15:50 Why businesses need
application security?
Cristian Șerban (Betfair)
16:10 Cryptography: 10 frequent mistakes in implementing crypt
Attila Balazs
(Ingenuity Systems)
17:30 Testing in the major leagues
Alex Lakatos (Xoomworks)
16:50 Virtual teams management
Monica Soare (Artwin)
17:10 Good design of a startup product
Radu Vunvulea (iQuest)
17:45 Networking & wine